The Arizona Room at the Grand Canyon Village

I know I’m tardy to the party again, but I’ve been feeling under the weather guys. It has seriously been the cold that just won’t quit. I’m not happy about it, but I am surviving it. I wanted to finish up the posts about our road trip today, and I am here to do just that.

Our last night away from home was spent at the Grand Canyon Village. We decided for one last dinner hurrah at The Arizona Room. The view was perfect with picture windows looking out into the Grand Canyon while you ate. The waiter was knowledgable and friendly. It was all set to be the perfect evening.

Black Bean Soup. The Arizona Room

Now you may remember that I already had the best black bean soup I’d ever tasted earlier on this trip, but I couldn’t resist trying another bowl. It was a disappointment in comparison. I’ll admit though that it was not a bad bowl of black bean soup. It was just what you would expect actually. It was thick and creamy. It was spicy. The crema cut it slightly, but I’d say not enough. Overall this dish was tasty, but it was just lacking that little extra to put it over the top.
Spicy Chicken The Arizona Room

This was a complete disappointment. The green beans had no flavor. They had definitely not been salted while being cooked. I am the type of person who doesn’t salt at the table. For one, I don’t need so much salt right now. Secondly, I have always felt like things should be flavored while cooking, because it actually soaks in better and elevates the taste.

The chicken was spicy, but it wasn’t anything to write home to mom about. It was just good. The best thing about this dinner was the perfectly cooked rice. Overall, I’d give this dish a B. It wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t great.

Have you been to the Grand Canyon? Where did you eat? Was it delicious?

— Yvonne


    • Yvonne says

      I think I would have had a much better experience with the black bean soup if I hadn’t this one in Asheville, NC. It was to die for, and I was spoiled. That does sound like an amazing recipe for black bean soup. I’m a fan of most things with ham though haha.

  1. Lisa K says

    Hahaha…I tend to think most restaurant food is really delicious because I’m a terrible cook. At least the views were great even though the food was just better than average & not amazing.

    • Yvonne says

      Sometimes I sound more picky than I am honestly. The truth is that I’m just a really big fan of food, and I’ve eaten a lot of it over the years. My palette is a little more refined than it used to be, but I think I just enjoy eating out and thinking about food on a higher level because of my papaw. He owned the only restaurant in my hometown. Plus, he’d always give the waitress tips when we’d go out to eat on things that could be better about the restaurant. It was so cute.

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