Our next stop on the road trip was St. Louis. It was there that it felt right to prepare for the biggest announcement I’ve had on this blog so far. I’ll be sure to share the rest of St. Louis with you tomorrow.

That’s right! There is a little bundle of joy coming to join our family. This little bundle of joy has been around for the last 14 weeks, but I wanted to wait to share with all of you until we’d had time to tell all our family and friends. That was part of what we did on the massive road trip.

I’ll admit that I feel like I had the first trimester fairly easy. I didn’t wake up every morning feeling like the green monster of doom, but that doesn’t mean it was without small bumps. I’d feel green every time I got hungry, which felt like it happened about every 30 minutes. I also really hated anything that smelled herbaceous. The smell of garlic still kills me. The headaches were massive. So much so that I called the midwife in tears one day, but I survived it with the help of a very lovely hub-a-dub.

Now that we’ve entered the second trimester, I am no longer feeling sick at the drop of the hat. The headaches are still here though. I had my first pre-natal massage though and her recommendations have definitely helped me somewhat. I now use some heat on my upper shoulders and neck. I also get a little daily rub. I don’t sit at the computer for hours without getting up and stretching those muscles either since they seem to be a huge cause of the headaches more so than anything else. This helps. The other thing that I’ve really started to use and enjoy is peppermint essential oils. These feel like a blessing.

Let me introduce you to sweet baby J. We’ve decided on two J first names that we are really in love with, but we’ve found the middle name harder to settle on. I know that we will get there. Together we just bounce ideas around daily. Some of them are ridiculous and are just meant to make each other laugh. Others are more serious. I look forward to the journey.

We do not plan to find out the gender. This is the #1 question that I am asked right now. There are lots of people wagering guesses though. I welcome this, because it’s fun. The majority of people are guessing it’s a girl. We shall see.

We are really excited. I feel really confident. The midwife is pleased with the way things are progressing. So now we’re just continuing on the current path and researching baby gear.

— Yvonne


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      Thank you! I’m really excited, and I’m so glad to be able to share this with everyone today. I know Monday’s can be so blah so might as well add a little excitement, right?

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      Thank you. It’s definitely not for everyone. We just think there are very few true surprises in life, and we wanted to experience this one. That says a lot since I HATE SURPRISES. lol.

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    Congratulations!! Such fantastic news, I’m really happy for you :))) I hope the rest of your pregnancy goes smoothly and I think it’s so exciting not to find out the gender – it’ll will be an amazing moment on the day. Ellie x

    • Yvonne says

      I can’t wait to share them with everybody. It is so exciting for me to be going down this road. For me it takes a village so I’ll be looking forward to hearing from others as well as sharing my experiences.

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