We're Moving


I've wanted to tell ya'll forever! You can't even imagine the many times I've set down to write this post only to realize it wasn't the right time. Now I feel confident that I can spread forth the news. I've been married less than 1 year, and we've tackled all the stressful stuff up front. We got married, had a baby, and now we're moving. Where are we moving to? We are moving to Asheville, North Carolina. Many of you will remember last years road trip from the blog, but what you didn't … [Read More...]

Traveling with an infant

5 Tips for Traveling With An Infant

Everyone knows that traveling with an infant isn't easy, but I have 5 tips that made traveling with an infant easier for us I wanted to share with you. Each baby is different, but I believe that these tips will work for any baby. 1. Pack Everything … [Read More...]

10 Songs for Mom

10 Songs for Mom This Mother’s Day

Mother's Day is quickly approaching, and I know you've all been out contemplating ways to celebrate the mothers in your life. Had you thought of an awesome mixtape? I have. The truth of the matter is that I'm always thinking about music and how we … [Read More...]

First Vaccines

First Vaccines

Immunizations are a hot topic right now so it was understandable that everyone was asking whether we would be getting Sweet Baby J's first … [Read More...]