Book Club

The Dahlia Scene Book Club: August Review

At the beginning of the month, I introduced The Dahlia Scene Book Club, and I'm excited to say that I not only finished the book but I started a second one. Whoo hoo! We all knew I was going to do that though, because I wouldn't want to let ya'll down in the review department. Don't worry I didn't lose too much sleep for it. I still get a lot of reading done while I nurse, etc... The Sherlockian was a book recommended by my MIL, and it just so happened that I got a really great deal on it … [Read More...]

It's Worth It

It’s Worth It

We know that being a parent isn't easy. We all love to be able to get together with another parent we know and vent about things that are going on in our lives, and I believe this is good for us. We all need to know that we are not alone. That being … [Read More...]

Sick Day

Sick Day

It's hard as a blogger to give yourself a sick day. I obviously couldn't give myself a sick day from life, but I had to take a little bit of time to recover from a small bug. I'm sure I'll be feeling better tomorrow. I've been on somewhat of a streak … [Read More...]